About The MD100 Project


MD100 is a project initiated by Mr. HAN VO-TA in 2013 when he was CEO of the non-profit Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Health Care Clinic in Orange County, Calif USA.

The main objective of MD100 Project is to help 100 Vietnamese American college students enter medical school to fulfill their life-long dream of becoming Medical Doctor.

MD100 operations are run by an Executive Team under the guidance of an Advisory Board.

The MD100 Project receives professional
medical advice and supports from various organizations including:

Prospect Medical Group
United Care Medical Group
Family Choice Medical Group
Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic
Asian Pacific American Medical Association
Vietnamese Physician Association of Southern California

To improve the chance of success, MD100 members are offered the opportunities to participate in a whole range of programs and activities such as:

Shadowing Physicians
Meetings with Medical Students
Seminars / Advices on:
MCAT, Interview skills, Application writing, Finance …

The Project acknowledges the financial supports from various individuals and organizations including:

California Wellness Foundation
Nhan Hoa Comprehensive Healthcare Clinic

We are pleased to inform that as of August 2016,

MD100 Members

have been admitted to Medical Schools
The MD100 Project

The MD100 Project